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The North East Teaching Schools Collaborative (or 'NETS' as we're affectionately known) is an innovative and active partnership of schools who work together to improve learning outcomes and experiences for young people in the north east of England. 


Through regular regional meetings and collaborative training events and CPD we actively develop and share ideas and initiatives to improve teaching and learning in our respective schools.

We work together to develop regional solutions and ideas to foster; succession planning, talent management, school-to-school support, teacher training, supporting NQTs and RQTs in their early years of teaching and research and development.

Our recent work has included deployment of Local Leaders of Education across the partnership and sharing resources and research from Town End Primary, a leading school for SEND nationally.

We have also jointly wrote an 'every lesson outstanding' course to promote outstanding teaching across all our alliances and formed partnerships with local universities, the National College and the Academies Commission. 


  • to develop school staff who consistently deliver exceptional learning experiences for young people in our region.
  • to actively recruit and retain outstanding teachers for our schools.
  • to develop inspiring leaders who act with integrity, passion and purpose.